I have received an email but it's not in English. I don't understand it..

We are very sorry the email is in Swedish. Unfortunately the system handling the international payments does not send receipts (kvitto) in English at this point.
The email is a confirmation of received payment.
We are sorry for the inconvenience!


Do you have party passes?

Thursday and Sunday will be open for social dance tickets.
Price: 250 SEK paid at the door. We do not have social dance/party tickets for other days due to space limitation.

I want to book a restaurant from your email but the phone number does not work?

We are terribly sorry, an unnecessary digit got caught up in the number.
You can book breakfast and lunch at Boston Grill on telephone number +46 (0)20-10 40 00.

I cannot attend the event but found someone who can - can I sell my spot?

So sorry to hear that you cannot attend =( but great that you found someone who can!

Please send an email to info@snowcs.se with the essential information (your name, registration number and the name of who is receiving the transferred spot).
The person receiving the spot needs to register to the event and input the information of the transferred spot under the comment section/övrigt. If the person ALREADY has registered to the event but is on the waiting list - please state that in your email to us.
If the invoice is not paid, please make sure to use the identifier of the invoice.

I can not attend the event - do I get a refund?

Paid tickets are non-refundable.
However, you CAN transfer your spot to someone else, but please note that you are transferring BOTH your spot and your dance role - leader is replaced by leader and follower by follower. Contact us at snowcs.se if you wish to do so.

ALSO if you are transferring your spot and want to change level there need to be spots available in that level. Please contact us at info@snowcs.se to check status.

IF there are no spots available in other levels than the one you registered for your spot is tied to the level you purchased..

In my registration confirmation I got the Late bird price. Does this mean I will not get the Early bird price, even though I registered early?

If you are one of the first 200 registrations your price will be changed when we accept your registration.

Why did I get accepted to a lower level than I registered for?

You probably did not fit the requirements of that level. We bump dancers to the appropriate level based on the criteria stated for the levels.

I registered for level 4 but was accepted to level 3, can I change?

You were accepted to the level which requirements you met.
Perhaps you are missing a point or you are not competing. When you have gathered your remaining points and the WSDC's database is updated - let us know and we will bump you up. You can also audition for the higher levels (4 & 5) at the event. Our PRO staff will then decide if you meet their requirements.

When can I register for competitions?

Immediately after tickets are released on May 1st 12:00 CET

I registered and paid for comps but changed my mind. Do I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds for competition fees.

If I registered for level 3, can I still participate in level 2 or 4 workshops? (Can I participate in any workshops?)

No, you can only participate in the workshops that are assigned to the level you registered (and was accepted) for. You have the option to audition for level 4 and 5 at the event. If you are accepted by the PRO staff at the audition we will bump you up at the event.

We strive to keep the level of knowledge within the groups as equal as possible so that no one is holding up the class or is bored. We also have limited floor space at the event, therefore we restrict the number of spots in each level so that you have the space to dance. That way it will be more enjoyable for everyone! =)

I wanna do privates, how does it work? Where do i do it?

Contact the instructor directly to agree on the terms. The private is held outside the event venue.

When does SPOTLIGHT Video Critique start?

Thursday evening (October 31st 2019)

If we are a couple of different levels, can we register together? Or do we have to be of the same level?

You can be of different levels in a couple registration. MAKE SURE that you state (in the comment section) which levels you wish to enter.

-In order to enter level 4 or 5 you must provide us with your WSDC number.
-If you register for level 4 or 5 and do not have the correct qualification and/or do not provide your WSDC number you will automatically be placed in level 3 with the possibility to audition for higher levels.

How do I find the Annex?

You jump to the left, make a somersault to the right, turn left at the rabbit.. No but seriously, we will make sure that directions will be superclear!

Where do I eat?

Globen Shopping is right next to the venue where you can find restaurants, cafés and a supermarket. In Tolv, which is also next to the venue, there are more restaurants.

Where can I sleep?

The Quality Hotel Globen is right next to the venue. Literally less than 3 min walking distance (60 sec if you walk faaast).

I registered as a single follower but I found a leader, what shall I do?

Your partner needs to make a couple registration with ALL information (for you both). Your single registration will be cancelled.

I forgot to register for SNOW EXTREME, can I register for it now?

You probably did not forget, there is a separate registration for SNOW Extreme. There is a limit of 150 spots available. Please visit the register page SNOW Extreme

What are the criterias for the different levels?

Level 2 (Newcomer) - You have been dancing for about a year. You are starting to be comfortable with your basics
Level 3 (Novice) - You have been dancing for about a year. You are comfortable with your basics and you are ready for the next challenge.
Level 4 (Intermediate) - This level is open for those in WSDC Intermediate. You need 16 WSDC Novice points or more) to be accepted to this level. You have the possibility to audition for this level at the event.
Level 5 (Advanced/All-Star) - This level is open for those in WSDC Advanced and All-Star. You need 30 WSDC Intermediate points or more to be accepted to this level. You have the possibility to audition for this level at the event.

I forgot to register for comps! Can I do it later? Can I do it at the event?

Yes, you can make a separate registration for comps. There is a separate link to comp (https://dans.se/wannadance/shop/?event=87912) registration that is available until October 20th 2019. You can also register at the event, registration for Strictly closes on Friday 31st of October, registration for Jack & Jill closes on Saturday 1st of November.

Please pre-register so that we can avoid long queues at the event.

When does SNOW EXTREME start?

Mid-day Thursday (October 31st 2019)

Can I register for both SNOW Extreme AND SPOTLIGHT Video Critique?

Yes you crazy monster!

When does the event start if I am not taking SNOW Extreme or SPOTLIGHT Video Critique?

We aim to start the Strictly competitions on Friday 1st of November 2019 in the afternoon and party afterwards. There might be workshops in the later afternoon/evening..
We are sure there is a pre-party on Thursday (included in full-pass) but we are still working on the schedule. Please be patient with us!
Pssst.. You do not want to miss the parties of the 10 year anniversary!!

I won a pass, how do I register to the event?

Register to the event through the registration page. Make a single registration (no partner/couple registration). On the last page of the registration form you will have a box where you state that you have won a pass and where you won it.
You will be accepted to the event (as long as we have spots left and the event is not sold out) but you need to register for the event.

Can I change level after I have completed my registration?

Well, that depends.. If you have leveled up, then Yes of course! Let us know after WSDC have updated their database so we can verify and bump you up!

If we are registering as a couple, do both partners need to register separately?

No. Only ONE registration per couple. Please make sure that you have all the information necessary to complete the registration. Incomplete registrations will not be processed.