Jordan & Tatiana Routine Intensive

Exclusive for SNOW 10year anniversary, we present JT Routine Intensive, open for everyone to join!

A new choreography by Jordan and Tatiana, 6 hours of training before a thrilling performance on Sunday!
Are you up for the challenge? Registration is open NOW: https://dans.se/wannadance/shop/?event=94200

A few minor details, the Routine Intensive will be held on Thursday 15:30 - 19:00 (30 min break included) and Friday 11:00 - 15:00 (lunch break included). The price is set to 1550 SEK. The level of difficulty will be novice/intermediate.

Benji Schwimmer - Choreotensive

Benji is creating a spectacular unique showpiece number which only a few will have the pleasure to perform on the last night of SNOW?
To get the chance to do this, Benji himself will hold an audition on Friday 1st of November. This is the time to show what you?ve got!

This is not a pay to play choreotensive, this is Benji making a statement! :)
Are you as addicted to the dance as he is, can you show the passion you have, will he feel your love?? 

The essential details: 
How do I sign up? Show up for audition Friday 1st of November. Benji decides who will make the cut.
Level: Pretty high if we are to guess.
How many: We have no clue, its depends on how many sign up for audition.
Schedule: Total 4,5h. 3h will be held late night in the Annex and 1,5h on Sunday at EPIC. Please see schedule for more info.
Price: Included in the full pass - ENJOY!