Benji Schwimmer

Benji Schwimmer joins the PRO Staff for SNOW 2019!

With a brand new Choreography for you to learn and perform on Sunday evening.
Level: Advanced / All-star and audition for lower levels.
Best of all, the choreography intensive is included in the fullpass!

Benji will also give an exclusive 2h session in the SNOW Extreme and of course, join our regular classes during the weekend.

More info soon.

Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann

Jordan and Tatiana, do they even need a presentation? Unarguably the most successful WCS partnership worldwide, they are 11-Time US Open Champions, dominating the Classic Division for the past years. They are also 6-time NASDE Champions, Multi-Grand National Champions, and placing in every other Champion J&J or Strictly they take part in. At the UCWDC World's event they were given the Star Award for the Couple with the Most Impact on Swing, and Jordan won Best Swing Choreographer.

Jordan & Tatiana have won Fox TV's "30 Seconds to Fame," appeared twice on CBS TV's "Star Search," danced in the motion picture "the Polar Express," won "America's Best Dance Couple" on ABC TV's "Good Morning America," and had speaking roles and danced in the movie "Love N' Dancing."

They Travel 47 out of 52 weekends per year, competing and teaching packed workshops all across the USA and Internationally. They are Certified Teachers in the Golden State Dance Teacher's Association.

Ben Morris & Victoria Henk

Victoria Henks dance shenanigans began at age 4 with ballet, gymnastics, hip hop and jazz. She was introduced to West Coast Swing when she began training at the Schwimmer's 5678 Dance Studio at the age of 8, and her love for both solo dancing and West Coast Swing was cultivated through the Juniors Jazz & West Coast Swing teams. When Victoria began competing she quickly met with success, winning the 2014 NASDE All Star tour, then moving into the Champions division where she soon began to final and place.

Ben Morris waited until the ripe old age of 12 to begin his dance career and kicked things off with the Lindy Hop before adding West Coast Swing to the mix. He became a Champion dancer in both, and is now a 3 time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion, NASDE Routines Tour Winner, Spirit of Lindy Hop award winner, and California Swing Dance Hall of Fame award winner.
Ben and Victoria began partnering together in 2015, getting 2nd in the Classic division their first time competing together, and winning the 2016 US Open Classic Division. Together they travel around the world teaching, performing, and spreading their love for West Coast Swing.

Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin

Maxence Martin: Previously a high-level judoka, Maxence started his dance career in Lindy-Hop in 2005. He quickly fell in love with WCS and trained in the US with the greatest. Today, Maxence is one of the most popular wcs teachers internationally. He draws the strength of his teaching in the knowledge of body and spirit control that he mastered in judo.

Virginie Grondin: Virginie started her dance training when she was only five years old. Beginning with the rock'n'roll and boogie woogie, she moved to individual dances, like modern jazz, classical and contemporary dance. Virginie discovered WCS in 2007 and is now considered as one of the very best WCS followers in Europe.

Maxence and Virginie started a partnership in 2012. Today they travel all over the world together to teach and share their passion for West Coast Swing. Together they are unique in terms of their patterns and styling, with Maxence combining his flair for turn and leverage technique with Virginie's own brand of subtle body isolation and footwork.