Are you like a spunge, soaking up all information and can not get enough of the classes at an event, this is for you!

SNOW Extreme is a way for you to double up on your class hours during the event and you will get to spend double the time with the pro’s, how great is that!?. Normal event classes start Friday afternoon but for SNOW Extreme you will arrive 24 hours earlier and start off already on Thursday with 3 classes and continue on Friday morning with another 2 classes before the main event starts. 

As mentioned, the instructors of SNOW Extreme will of course be the Pro Staff! If this sounds like a cool idea, sign up now to secure your spot for SNOW Extreme!

⭐ 5 extra workshops before the main event
⭐ Pro staff teachers
⭐ One level/group for novice and intermediate
⭐ Price: 1000 SEK