What’s this!? This discount is available for participants living in  countries on the other side of the pond. This includes the following continents: Asia, Australia, Africa,  North America and South America. The discount is 150 SEK.

How to get the discount:

Simply choose your type of event pass then add OVERSEA as a discount code.



What’s the perk you may ask? Each group member will get a discount of 150 SEK

The group leader will get half off their pass or free pass for organizing!


  • Applicable on full pass and extreme pass only (NOT party pass)
  • 10 couples minimum – 10 followers & 10 leaders
  • Only even couples can register in the groups, singles will not be accepted to the group discount.
  • All group members has to be a resident in the same country (not applicable for participants living in Sweden).

10 couples = group leader gets half price on their event fullpass

20 couples = group leader gets free event fullpass

How to create a group:

  1. Let us know you are interested in organizing a group, contact us at [email protected]
  2. We will provide you with a Google document. Fill in your group members.
  3. Once you have reached 10 couples or more, get back to us at [email protected] and let us know you are ready! You will receive the discount code to distribute to your group.
  4. Everyone must be listed in the group including group leader. If a registration is made with discount code and not on the list they will be disregarded.
  5. Every couple must make a registration of their own, tickets available from May 1st. Don’t forget to state the discount code in the registration. 
  6. After you received payment information (invoice) adjustments cannot be made! We do not change (add) discounts after the invoice has been made.



  • Registrations that do not match agreed information are at risk of losing their discount.
  • The group is only valid if there are a minimum of 10 PAYING couples. If a couple registers but we do not receive payment resulting in the registration being canceled, the rest of the group risks losing their discount.

  • If necessary, the attendee may sell their ticket to another attendee with the same WSDC level and dance role. Note, new attendees should be eligible for the discount as noted in the requirement to create a group or the group members risks losing their discount.