SNOW EXTREME 2024 edition

Do you love taking classes and can’t get enough workshops? Then SNOW Extreme is for you!

SNOW Extreme is a way for you to add 6 extra class hours during the event. Normal event classes start Thursday evening but for SNOW Extreme you start on Thursday 13.00 . The instructors of SNOW Extreme will of course be the Pro Staff! 

This year the Extreme will be divided into two levels. One level that will be open for all and one for intermediate and up. Both levels will take the same classes but dance in different groups and the teachers might elaborate the exercises for the higher level group. If you are not an intermediate dancer you have the option to try out for the higher group during the extreme audition before first class on Thursday. The pro staff will decide which group you will dance in during the extreme classes. NOTE that this audition will only be for the extreme classes, NOT for the rest of the event. For the rest of the event there will be auditions on Friday. 

Thursday (4h)
⭐13.00-15.00 Technique – Ben & Cameo
⭐15.30-17.30 Blues – Maxim & Torri

Friday (2h)
⭐10.00-12.00 Musicality – with Thibault & Nicole

⭐ 3 extra workshops of two hours each
⭐ Pro staff teachers
⭐ Two levels/groups: “Novice” and “Intermediate and up”
⭐ Price: 1000 SEK