terms & conditionS

If we haven’t received your payment within 20 days after you have been accepted, your registration will automatically be canceled. If you made a couple registration and your partner has not paid, you will be placed in the singles waiting list and if we cannot offer you a spot you will be reimbursed minus bank fees.

You have the possibility to cancel your booking as long as you have not paid for the pass.  You are responsible to contact us at [email protected] to cancel your registration.

You are responsible for providing us with accurate contact information so that we can reach you.

Couple registrations will have priority before single registrations.

Single registrations are accepted in due order after being paired with single registrations of the opposite dance role.

You can be in different levels in a couple registration but make sure that you state in the registration which levels you wish to enter.

In order to enter level 4, 5 or all-star you must provide us with your WSDC number.

If you register for level 4, 5 or all-star and do not have the correct qualification you will automatically be placed in level 3 with the possibility to audition for higher levels.

GDPR. According to the new data protection law that is applicable within the EU we need your personal information to allow you to use our digital services, to send information about the event you are attending, and individual offers.

Once you have been accepted, you will receive a registration confirmation and payment instructions by email. You are responsible for checking your Spam folder.

To confirm your registration and secure your spot, payment is due within 20 days after you have been accepted to the event. If you do not pay within the date stated in the confirmation email, we have the right to cancel your registration.

If you need an extension on the due date of the payment, you must contact us at [email protected].

If you made a couple registration and one of the parties has not paid the invoice in time, the other party will be put on the waiting list. If the paid party (on the waiting list) does not get matched with the opposite dance role the payment will be refunded, with the exception of bank fees.

Paid tickets are non-refundable.

You can sell your spot to someone else, note that we charge an administration fee of 250 SEK. 

The person BUYING will have to pay normal bird price.  

The person BUYING will have to make a registration and type in the comment section whose spot he/she is buying.

The person SELLING will have to contact us and let us know who will be buying the spot. 

Once the new pass is paid, the SELLER will be reimbursed minus admission cost  and bank fees. 

You are transferring your spot and your dance role – leader is replaced by leader and follower by follower. 

If there are no spots available in other levels than the one you registered for,  your spot is tied to the level you purchased.

Scandinavian Open WCS reserves the right to change instructors if necessary.

Scandinavian Open WCS reserves the right to change and adjust the schedule if necessary.

This is a WSDC regestry event.